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There is some misinformation about our Company concerning a recent Judgment. In February 2013 the assets of Mehlburger Brawley Inc (MBI) were sold to Infrastructure Solutions Group LLC (ISG). ISG retained the naming rights of Mehlburger Brawley, however ISG is not associated with Mehlburger Brawley Inc (MBI). MBI has since changed its name to NRS. All legal liabilities were retained by MBI (now NRS) including those that are associated with previous projects performed by MBI. There has been a major claim awarded due to the MBI owner's decision to not defend the lawsuit. All of the participants involved with that project are not associated with ISG.

Mehlburger Brawley has evolved from the merger and acquisition of several highly respected engineering firms in Arkansas and Oklahoma with roots that go back to 1949. Mehlburger Brawley combined The Mehlburger Firm (founded in 1949); Brawley Engineering Company (founded in 1963); RSF, Inc dba NRS Consulting Engineers (founded in 2004), IDS and EDS of Tulsa, Oklahoma (founded in 2003) to form an award winning civil and enviromental design firm providing Innovative multi-disciplinary engineering services in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The firm provides engineering design, construction management, and design build services for civil, environmental, transportation, bridge, and development projects for State and Municipal Governmental clients as well as Private Industrial, Commercial and Residential Development clients.

Mehlburger Brawley has over 30 employees and now has a client base of over 200 clients, and more than 100 million dollars of construction work under design contract. The staff currently includes 9 professional engineers, 6 engineering interns and more than 15 support staff.

Our foundation is the commitment of our employees to continue a tradition of providing excellence in engineering and service to each of our clients as though each of these clients is the only client we have. The Company’s reputation for dedication to service is reflected by the continuation of repeat work from clients for more than fifty years.



Additional information on our Employee owned company can be found at
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Bob Young

San Diego
Dale Burke, P.E.,

McAlester ▪ Cell: [918] 916-2973


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